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SSA Gujarat Aadhaar Dise Entry

SSA Gujarat Aadhaar Dise Entry

Welcome to our website Join our web site to get educational updates as well as for whatsapp group also join ALL IN ONE MJ join click here group Learn at SSA Gujarat Aadhaar Dise Entry is placed on our website All standard SSA Gujarat Aadhaar Dise Entry. SSA Gujarat Aadhaar Dise Entry is placed Hope Learn how to get SSA Gujarat Aadhaar Dise Entry from our website DJ Rahul


Then open the website of ch -
Click on Child Tracking System
 then click on Login
Application Login username- school dice code and password- enter what you changed last year and open it.

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New entry of Manage student in Std-1 to go to main page, to update students of Std-9 to 12, to track children from other school with Std-9 to 12 LC, to delete LC-taken children on Manage student  Click on Enrollment. You will be able to download data for the year 2015-16 to 2016-17.  U - DISE Reports to download.  In the school profile you will find the principal's name, mobile email id.  To update Utility Hi Transferred Student list glal HÈ to logout

Ghare shikhia materiyal Download

Clicking on Manage Student will open the following window.  You can update the information of the child directly from the child's UID (12 digits). Click here to make a new entry for Std. 6 to 8.  Click.  Click here is green and red button will appear.  If you have updated the data of Std-1 to 12 with all the details, then the button below that standard will go green.  The button will show if any of the child's data is left to be updated and all the details are not filled.  Note: - D button should be below all standards

► Insert / Update / Track spall Clicking on any of the above criteria will open the following window.  Click here to find the child's UID number if the child's UID (12 school dice code if the child's ID number is numbered) is written to track the child from the track to the wrong number in the hand.  Fill in the details and click on Search (new entry from Std-2 to Std-12 will not be possible.  Click here to edit the child's information. Click here

Clicking on Edit will open the following window.  Fill in all the details and click on the Update button so that the data is updated.

Clicking on the number given below the above standard will open the details of 10 children at once.  If the child's UID number is selected and all the details of all the children are filled in, the details given here are not District, Block, or the wrong number is written in Lc. School, Student Name (H02 Del. You can update 10 children at once.  To write a character e.g. RAMESH if RAM), DOB olull Search up to click Search for more Search Enter only three characters in the child, father, mother's name and surname box given here  , BHA, GIT, THA).  Use this option if this option will most likely get the child's UID.

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SSA Gujarat Aadhaar Dise Entry
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